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8 Jul 2017

Serious Gamers Should Consider a Custom Gaming Chair


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Posted By Chris G.

Many gamers spend long periods of time immersed in their gaming, and most often this results in aching muscles due to lack of proper support. Addressing these needs, many manufacturers have come up with special chairs specifically for games lovers. However, sometimes it can be hard to find a gaming chair that has precisely all the features you want, and at other times, the high-end ones you want are simply too expensive. So in this case, can you make your own gaming chair? And the Answer Is… Yes, you can! Making your own gaming chair is the perfect way to ensure that your chair has everything you need, without extras that you may not feel necessary. You can custom-make it yourself using materials you purchase from hardware stores, audio stores, and so on. Sure, this may take much more time than just buying one ready-made, but it could well be worth it depending on the kind of chair you need. To make your gaming chair, you will first have to buy a suitable basic chair. This can be computer chair, a reclining massage chair, a beanbag, or anything that is comfortable for you to sit in for long periods of time. Ergonomics is the key factor you should consider when purchasing the basic chair. Buy a chair without armrests, because you wouldn’t want those getting in the way as you move left and right while gaming. After you’ve done this, you can proceed to buy other pieces of hardware that will make your gaming experience more fun, such as wireless speakers to fix into the backrest of your chair, a tray table for the front of the chair for you to rest your arms and controllers on, or compartments you can attach onto the chair to keep away your game DVDs. You can also place a separate footrest near the chair, and a gaming mat under the chair if you are going to move the chair around a lot while sitting in it (to prevent damage to flooring). All the mentioned ideas are just that; ideas. Feel free to come up with your own, since only you know what would suit your needs best. Plan Out Your Gaming Chair So if you are now excited to get started on making your gaming chair, then first plan out what features you would like it to possess, and do some research online on how to customize your chair with the necessary hardware. With some proper planning, carefully made hardware purchases, and some patience in putting your chair together, you’ll be on your way to a more comfortable and convenient gaming experience. Just remember, it's still worth looking at the paid options available. You never know, depending on what you're building, you could find the home-made chair comes out just as expensive as the pre-made option. And, if you're not into DIY, the pre-made option is certainly a lot easier!


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